Beautiful Beatrix

688 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
(03) 9090 7301

Mon 8am–4pm (kitchen until 2.30 pm, coffee until 3.30 pm, cake all day)
Tue closed
Wed-Fri 8am–4pm (kitchen until 2.30 pm, coffee until 3.30 pm, cake all day)
Sat-Sun 9am–4pm

Owner: Nat Paull

I first read about Beatrix in Broadsheet, and as is my usual desire, it was the photo’s of the sweet stuff that made me want to pay a visit. See some delicious photo’s taken by Broadsheet here.

So after having had brunch there, I have to say I’m left with a wonderful savoury memory of a truly delicious roll. Don’t quote me, but I think it was called “The Rachael” and it consisted of corned beef (Organic), melted pecorino cheese and mustard slaw on a crusty ciabatta roll. Man was it good!

The menu board consists of daily rolls (there is generally a meat and vegetarian option),  soup and a dessert, you can choose either the large or small version of the aforementioned sanga. There is also a simple breakfast and drinks menu. The ciabatta roll was crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside, corned beef salty and fell away at each bite but what I really loved was that mustard slaw, it had a nice balance of peppery-ness (is that even a description?) to mayo and I loved the freshness the big pieces of flat leaf parsley added.

Subsequent visits later, after sampling many of the ciabatta’s on offer, I’ve settled happily on my favourite. It’s called “The Sampson” and it’s a delicious combination of slow cooked lemony lamb, labne, carrot salad and spicy harissa. It is the business.

The little legs both enjoyed gingerbread rounds, squarely aimed at the young folk with the bright orange and purple icing with a sprinkling of cachous. See my eldest modeling here.

The youngest of my brood enjoyed a Whoopie Pie, ok ok I had to have a small mouthful and can attest to the fact it was delicious and the cream fresh, tasted like it had just been made that morning which it probably had. Apologies for the avant-garde deconstructed pie photo, believe me you don’t give a 2yr old a big piece of anything!

Coffee is by All Press and was to my liking.

I liked the look of everything in the cake display, chiffon cake, toasted coconut lamingtons, lemon slice and something that I will go back for sans little legs, decadent ‘Moroccan Snickers’ tart – milk chocolate and date caramel tart with a peanut cookie crust. Might need to run there and home to work that off.

This place is teeny tiny, but surprisingly bright inside, When we visited the windows were all fogged up, so it made it hard to discern from the street that it was a cafe and not an office. It’s down the end of Queensberry St towards the more industrial end of North Melbourne, but not a long walk from the main drag or tram stops. If you ride your bike, use a “keep cup” or donate your old handbeater you get a discount or even a free slice of cake.

In the current dessert and pasty market there seems to be two ends of the scale, one being the fancified up-scale patisserie and the other being overly-homely, Beatrix is somewhere in-between. The items in the display case seem familiar, yet there is a creative twist, use of in season fruits and a very deft hand has been applied to make everything look beautifully crafted. I like the lack of macarons (which although I love are not, I believe testament to a great pastry chef) and instead the inclusion of sticky pecan buns, brulee tarts and those beautiful chiffon cakes.

The interior is pared back, blond wood tables and a slightly retro vibe with the beaters on display behind the coffee machine.

The only thing offensive about this tiny gem was the hipster wearing a Jenny Kee jumper.
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About dblake73

I like to bake. I am a Business Analyst that spent time studying patisserie. I choose the Stones over the Beatles and I find shopping online relaxing. I am happily married with 2 boys. I live in and love Melbourne.
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3 Responses to Beautiful Beatrix

  1. Nat says:

    Thanks Donna! So lovely that you enjoyed Beatrix! N

  2. dblake73 says:

    I went back Sun morning and got another delicious sandwich, lamb, and had a little sample of the delicious rugelach. Nat, I LOVE your cafe and your food.

  3. Injera says:

    I feel so lucky to live nearby Beatrix. In fact, I might pop down there now 😉

    (Seriously feel disappointed not to have seen a hipster in a Jenny Kee jumper there yet, though…)

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