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I like to bake. I am a Business Analyst that spent time studying patisserie. I choose the Stones over the Beatles and I find shopping online relaxing. I am happily married with 2 boys. I live in and love Melbourne.

Royal Melbourne Show Cookery Competition 2012

While the cows will have been sent back to the farm and the last corn dog slowly but surely digested (just) the legacy of this years  cookery competition is still lingering. This would have been my third year competing but … Continue reading

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It happened in Hobart

Okay this posts title is a bit average but let me assure you that a visit to Hobart is not. It was a few weeks ago now that we visited Hobart, but I’m still thinking about some of the excellent … Continue reading

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The wedding cake and other edibles

I have been in a bit of blog hiatus of late, I went back to work full-time a few months ago and this has meant less time for blogging. Although I haven’t been writing about things I have been eating … Continue reading

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Key ingredients to quality pastry at home – Flour

I’d like to preface this post by saying up front that I am by no means an expert in flour. But what I am is someone who likes to know where and how ingredients are made/sourced and think that when … Continue reading

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Golden Fields

If a picture tells a thousand words then I happily start this post with the picture above, behold the New England lobster roll. I had heard much and seen much and discussed these rolls much, now was finally my opportunity … Continue reading

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Huxtable, where to start. I am not sure what it is about this place that appeals to me so much, in fact I’d go as far as to say if I could I’d eat at Huxtable at least once a … Continue reading

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Baked Chocolate Tart

“And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care”…. and so I get ready for what is definitely my favourite food time of the year, if only because I can drink champagne at breakfast. I am going to cover … Continue reading

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The Aylesbury Rooftop & Restaurant

The Aylesbury Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is owned by Jesse and Vanessa Gerner, the same couple who own Anada Restaurant on Gertrude St. Over two levels, downstairs the restaurant and upstairs the bar. It is that bar upstairs that I … Continue reading

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Bar Americano – Cocktails

I’ve previously written about Bar Americano, but only in regard to it’s day time service and coffee. This is just a quick post after a return visit at night to sample cocktails, and sample I did! You can select from … Continue reading

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Cocoa Powder Condundrum

Somehow, through my sticky beak nature, I’ve been engaged in a Twitter discussion over the past few days about converting a sponge recipe to make it a chocolate sponge. This weekend will see a “Bake-Off” of sorts, to see who … Continue reading

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